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About Helmiat Bonceng Bocah PDF Print E-mail

mioHBBThis product is the name we give Helmiat Bonceng Bocah (HBB), a name taken from developer of this product, the husband-wife pair Helmi-Iat, be Helmiat. While the Bonceng Bocah derived from this function is useful for the children a free ride on a motorcycle. This product is one of the equipment including riding safety.

Helmiat freeloader Bocah is a tool used to help your child safe with a free ride on the back of your motor. Helmiat can plug in the pieces in a variety of motorcycle brands from various types. No need to install the extra power and disassemble HBB, mothers are able to do so.

Type and Price Helmiat Bonceng Bocah PDF Print E-mail

Appropriate development of the age and the number of inputs from our customers, we continue to innovate and increase the variety of peroduk before. Until now we have 4 different kinds of models. The following is a description of each model / type.

How To Install Helmiat Bonceng Bocah PDF Print E-mail

Roihatul-Jannah-hbbHelmiat freeloader Bocah designed for easy use. Does not need special knowledge, No need to install the extra energy. And of course anyone can be sure you install and remove it from the motor is used. No matter whether you are male or female, sports or not, Helmiat Bonceng Bocah very easily installed and removed from your motor. Here is how to install Helmiat Bonceng Bocah.

Award Of Helmiat Bonceng Bocah PDF Print E-mail

helmiat-bonceng-bocah-menang-shell-liveWIRW-2008Helmiat Bonceng Bocah is a innovative product that is needed by many parents who often bring their children with a motorcycle. Not only innovative, this product in addition to the strong rust also successfully obtained an award in a competition held by the oil company Shell, SHELL LIVEWIRE BUSINESS START-UP Awards 2008.



Product Excellence

Strong Materials
Made of stainless steel is rust resistant and strong.
You do not need to worry if rain or suffering because of the raw material is strong guaranteed.

Easy to use
Easily installed / removed as needed (flexible) and does not need a special effort to install or remove.

Comfort to use
There is a soft back support. This is meant to comfort your child.

Aman Digunakan Used safely
Equipped with seat belt for safety. Seat belt that is easily installed and removed.

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